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SmartBuy Building Inspection Services

What do I get from a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

The SmartBuy pre-purchase inspection provides four options to choose from:

  • Building Inspection only
  • Pest Inspection only
  • Building and Pest Inspection
  • Pre Auction Inspections 

Internal Building Inspection – It’s what’s on the inside that counts

At SmartBuy, our pre purchase inspectors are trained to uncover hidden internal damage that you normally can’t see.  A routine property inspection conducted by you won’t highlight issues like leaking shower bases and faulty plumbing connections which cause wood decay to structural beams of the sub floor and can cost thousands of dollars to rectify. Another internal risk and one you won’t see is damage within the roof space. Defects like inadequate propping can lead to sagging rafters,which along with other countless internal faults can lead to costly  repairs.

The internal component of the SmartBuy Building Inspection covers:
Structures including: walls, doors, ceilings, cornices, skirtings, architraves, timber and concrete floors as well as sub floor including stumps, piers, leaking plumbing  and rising damp.

Fixtures and fittings including: stairs, cupboards, wardrobes, vanity units,ventilation and glazing.

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External Building Inspection – Peace of mind from the outside in
A SmartBuy pre-purchase inspection will expose any of the myriad of hidden dangers that can be on the outside of the house, which if remain undiscovered can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.  A major problem we detect in an external building inspection is poor drainage which can lead to termite infestation and considerable damage to the structure of your home.  

Roofs are another common problem area. It’s hard for you to see loose and broken tiles or missing pointing, so this can often go unnoticed. Leaking or rusted flashing and guttering is also a widespread problem. Left unattended, these issues can be costly to rectify.

The external component of the Building Inspection covers:
Walls, windows, eaves, roof, brickwork, weepholes, subfloor ventilation, roof covering, flashing, fascia, downpipes, guttering, drainage, rust,carports, garages, verandas, pergolas, balconies, decking, external stairs, fences, driveways, paths, paving, site drainage and retaining walls.